Thank You II


It is well born to be grateful. And with such a complete and sweet little box it is impossible not to get it right.


  • Two Beeswax Candles
  • IUKA Candle Holder
  • Chocolate Tablet Uganda Butter with Pasiega Butter by PUCHERO
  • 84% Tanzania Chocolate Tablet by PUCHERO
  • Our lined box Made in Spain with care
  • Greeting Card that you can select and personalise right here below

This little box, besides a lot of love, it includes:

Two Beeswax Candles
It contains two candles made with virgin beeswax. They are sheets of virgin wax that simulate honey panels and are hand-rolled to achieve a 100% handmade and natural product. The beeswax candles produce negative ions that neutralise odours, mould in the atmosphere and different air pollutants, thus improving allergy and asthma symptoms and generally improving breathing in the environment. They also help to minimise eye strain and reduce headaches when used as a light source as they have a bright, pure light that resembles sunlight.

Candle holder by IUKA
This ecru candle holder designed by Iuka is completely handmade in Spain by the best artisans in white clay. Thanks to this process of creation, it can present different irregularities and colour variations that make each product different and unique.
Diameter: 6 cm approx. Height: 7,50 cm approx.

Uganda Butter 55% Chocolate Bar with Pasiega Butter by PUCHERO
This chocolate bar combines the fruity smoothness of Ugandan cocoa with creamy butter from Cantabrian cows.
INGREDIENTS: Cocoa, sugar, butter, salt
55% Chocolate Uganda with butter from Pasiega cows. 70 gr.

Tanzania Chocolate Tablet 84% by PUCHERO
This Tanzania chocolate bar has an intense, balanced flavour with fruity notes, it is made with cocoa from small producers in the Kilombero Valley . The soil and genetics of central Tanzania have the potential to produce very good cocoa. Cocoa is grown in small-scale agroforestry, intercropped with bananas, maize and shade trees. Harvesting is done by hand, and the beans are fermented for 6 days in wooden boxes, then sun-dried on African beds. The farmers at Kilombero have been practising organic farming for generations, by default. 70 gr.
INGREDIENTS: Cacao, sugar.
NOTES: Cherry, apple, plum.




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