Keep Swimming


In the face of life’s difficulties, always keep swimming, don’t stop. This box is perfect for giving an original gift that will not be forgotten and will enrich childhood. Giving back the role of paper and connecting with nature.


  • The picnic Blanket by Paula Alenda of your choice
  • The Big Book Of Super Powers
  • Our white paper lined box Made in Spain with love and care
  • Greeting Card that you can select and personalise right below

This little box, apart from lots of love, includes:

Picnic Blanket by Paula Alenda.
Picnic blanket with several prints available, designed by Paula Alenda. Includes grey backpack-cover for transport.
Printed side 100% COTTON / 100% COTTON.
Grey waterproof side: waterproof 100% cotton.
Size :135×135 cm

The big book of super powers.
We all have a talent that makes us unique and special. Some are good at maths and others at cooking. Some are adventurous and others prefer to read. Discover what makes you different from others, no better or worse. What is your talent? A beautifully illustrated collection of talents that will make you reflect on your identity, your strengths and your abilities.


Paula Alenda

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