Home Sweet Home


There is nothing better than disconnecting and relaxing at home. Everything in this box can give you many magical moments. Get ready to enjoy.


  • Cottage candle by Teresa Bergamota
  • The TASCHEN book of your choice
  • Coffee or chocolate by PUCHERO
  • Breakfast Mug With Plate With Blue Grey Detail
  • Our white paper lined box made in Spain with love and care
  • Greeting Card which you can select and personalise right below

This little box, besides a lot of love, it includes:

Our genuine Cottage candle by Teresa Bergamot.
We only need to light a candle to know that something nice is going to happen. There is something magical about a candle. Around a lit candle always come tight hugs, laughter, traditions, relaxation. That thing they call enjoyment. Because I'll tell you a secret. Life is today. Now.
Cottage has a fresh, sparkling and citrusy top note that gives it Bergamot and takes you to a quiet place in the Mediterranean. To those endless red sunsets. Its chords of sandalwood and musk background envelop you in an atmosphere of tranquility with an elegant and sweet touch. Its nuances of cardamom and lime add vitality.

The TASCHEN book of your choice.
See books synopsis.

Coffee beans Colombia Monte Bonito by Puchero Café
On the road from Manizales to Honda lies the small town of Monte Bonito with less than a thousand inhabitants, who are responsible for the smooth running of the farm and the harvesting of the coffee. During the harvest, the coffee is picked, pulped and fermented from 16 to 18 hours. The next day it is washed and dried in "Eldas" (on the roofs of the houses) or "carros quindianos" (drying beds with a system of rails).
Sweet mandarin, orange blossom, cane sugar. Sweet body with a caramel finish.

Hot Chocolate 55%.
Our version of "chocolate a la taza". This is not cocoa powder, better... This is pure untempered and ground chocolate. No additives or thickeners.
The result is a coarse powder, easy to melt and use for both drinking chocolate and baking.

Breakfast Mug With Plate With Detail In Blue Grey Colour
Entirely handmade in Spain by the best artisans in white clay. Decorated with coloured oxides. Thanks to this creation process it can present different irregularities and colour variations that make each product different and unique. Buy it only if you share this philosophy.
Cup diameter: approx. 9.5 cm. Cup height: approx. 10 cm.
Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe.

TASHEN books synopsis


Homes for Our Time

Discover the world’s most exquisite selection of new homes. This carefully curated global compendium includes works by established authors such as Shigeru Ban, MVRDV and Marcio Kogan, alongside emerging creators such as Xu Fu-Min, Vo Trong Nghia, Desai Chia and Shunri Nishizawa. Organised by architects and illustrated with photographs and plans, the result is a comprehensive overview of the contemporary home.

Great Escapes Europe. The Hotel Book

Angelika Taschen scours the European continent for the most beautiful places to relax, from a 150-year-old Portuguese estate to Norway’s Budsjord, the last stop on one of the world’s most secluded pilgrimage routes. This updated guide presents each hotel through postcard-like photographs and offers key information such as directions, contact details and recommended reading.

The STAR WARS archives (in Spanish)

Focused on episodes IV to VI, from 1977 to 1983. A jewel for collectors.




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