Don’t forget your keys


“Wrap up warm and don’t forget your keys” could be classified as a typical mother’s phrase. If you have already said it, you are doing it very well. At what point did you stop hearing it and start saying it? What a funny thing this life is. This gift is perfect for your little girl who has left home and you miss her so much, for that friend who needs a hug or for you who has been craving for it.


  • Mon Collection CITY Nice Case
  • Keyring by Oficio Studio designed for Teresa Bergamota
  • Our white paper lined box made in Spain with love and care
  • Greeting card that you can select and personalise right here below.

This little box, apart from a lot of love, includes:

Our genuine Cottage Candle.
We only need to light a candle to know that something nice is going to happen. There is something magical about a candle. Around a lit candle always come tight hugs, laughter, traditions, relaxation. That thing they call enjoyment. Because I'll tell you a secret. Life is today. Now.
Cottage has a fresh, sparkling and citrusy top note that gives it Bergamot and takes you to a quiet place in the Mediterranean. To those endless red sunsets. Its chords of sandalwood and musk background envelop you in an atmosphere of tranquility with an elegant and sweet touch. Its nuances of cardamom and lime add vitality.

Case CITY Nice by Mon Collection.
This ideal case made of organic cotton canvas will allow you to keep all the treasures you can think of.
Designed and produced in Spain. Hand wash.

Keyring by Oficio Studio created for Teresa Bergamota.
A sturdy handcrafted leather keyring, pleasant to the touch with a solid brass hardware that gives it a lot of versatility of uses. The strap is made of 3mm thick vegetable tanned Spanish leather.
It is handmade and sewn by hand. They are unique pieces.



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