Cute Kitten


How nice it is to offer cuddles and memories. A very complete box for those cute kittens and their mothers to enjoy their arrival.


  • Eau de Toilette by Bontibú
  • Bontibú Bath Wash
  • Bontibú Moisture Lotion
  • Cottage Candle
  • Baby Book design by Paula Alenda
  • Book by Álvaro Bilbao “The child’s brain explained to parents” (in Spanish)
  • Our white paper lined box Made in Spain with love and care
  • Greeting card that you can select and personalise right here below

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This little box, besides lots of love, it includes:

Bontibú Eau de toilette.
A baby cologne that both mums and children love, low in alcohol, smells like cotton wool, clean, gives a very pleasant sensation with a talcum powder scent. The ideal fragrance for the little ones and not so little ones, a scent that lasts throughout the day, it is one of those smells that stay in the memory.
Olfactory Notes
Top notes: Orange, bergamot and chamomile.
Heart notes: Rose and peach.
Base notes: talc, iris and vanilla.
Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol denat, Parfum, PEG-40, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Trideceth-9, DipropyleneGlycol. Format : 75ml.

Bontibu Bath Wash
Our wonderfully mild soap has a subtle but pleasant scent, with a neutral PH, tested by paediatric dermatologists. This formula is free from allergens, parabens, sulphates and silicones and is suitable for sensitive skin.
It contains "Aloe" which has dermoprotective, moisturising and regenerating actions, providing elasticity to the baby's skin, and "Glycerin", known for its ability to absorb moisture and maintain a balanced hydration in the skin and hair.

Bontibú Moisture Lotion
Our cream is a unique blend of gentle ingredients, carefully selected to moisturise and soothe baby's delicate skin, enriched with sweet almond oil, argan oil and calendula extract. Our cream is healthy for babies and children, thanks to its toxic-free composition (no parabens, sulphates or allergens). The best care for the most sensitive skins.
It has a consistent texture and is easy to handle, soothes the child's skin and strengthens the skin's natural protection, leaving the skin nourished and ultra-light.

Baby Book
This book is designed by Paula Alenda and is perfect for writing down your baby's steps and strides in this notebook full of details and anecdotes that you will love to remember.
It is designed for those who like to write down all the details and keep clippings, photographs, reminders, ultrasound scans... Spiral bound with a thick cover made of resistant material.

Cottage candle by Teresa Bergamota
We only need to light a candle to know that something beautiful is going to happen. There is something magical about a candle. Around a lit candle always come tight hugs, laughter, traditions, relaxation. That thing they call enjoyment. Because I'll tell you a secret. Life is today. Now.
Cottage has a fresh, sparkling and citrusy top note that gives it Bergamot and takes you to a quiet place in the Mediterranean. Its sandalwood and musk base notes envelop you in an atmosphere of tranquillity with an elegant and sweet touch. Its nuances of cardamom and lime add vitality.

Book "The child's brain explained to parents" by Alvaro Bilbao (in Spanish).
Discover their needs. Your child's crying, his tantrums or his need to play and be by your side have a reason. This book helps you to immerse yourself in the mind of a child so that you can understand them and educate them better.
A child's self-esteem depends to a large extent on the relationship he establishes with his parents. After understanding how their brain works, you will also know how to improve your relationship and nurture their emotional world.
Alvaro Bilbao has a PhD in Health Psychology and has trained as a Neuropsychologist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore) and the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability (London). He has also collaborated with the World Health Organization and currently works as a rehabilitator of people with brain injury, work that I carry out at the State Reference Centre for Brain Injury Care.


Paula Alenda

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