Bergamota I


If you love design and candles. This is the box for you. It is one of our favourites, perfect as a gift or as a present.


  • Helena Rohner Candle Holder.
  • Two candles designed by Helena Rohner with Bergamot essence.
  • Our white paper lined box made in Spain with care.
  • Greeting Card that you can select and personalise just below.

This little box, apart from a lot of love, includes:

Two chandelier candles designed by Helena Rohner.

The candles are scented with a soft essence of Bergamot. The light and natural strength of her native Canary Islands is very present. Harmony and elegance. Refined and simple lines, almost sculptural. This is what Helena Rohner's pieces are like. Sensuality without stridency and a Mediterranean air. Candle dimensions 2.5 x 26 cm.


A jewel made chandelier.

A decorative piece that will maintain a luminous, softly coloured setting with Mediterranean reminiscences. The chandelier can be used with the candles designed by Helena Rohner or with any other chandelier candle thanks to its innovative fastening system. Two different models are available. One rectangular and one oval. Chandelier dimensions : it is rectangular in shape and measures 18x26x6 cm. Weight 0.200 kg.




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