The art of giving


My grandmother Teresa always welcomed me with a hug and a smile. As if I were a treasure. One of those that you are afraid to lose. She looked at me and listened to me so attentively that it seemed that time did not matter to her and that she had nothing else to do.

She was special. She took care of everyone. I had never seen greener plants that hers. Everyone who came to her house left with something in their hands and in their belly, she did not understand any other way of living than “giving”. Giving without waiting. To give sincerely. She always said to me “how do you want to be remembered?”. And that phrase is always with me, every step of the way.

Her name was Teresa and she inspires this project. Teresa Bergamota is love and time. Love for beautiful, handmade things, with a story behind them. Time. Time for you to worry only about what really matters.

It was born with the illusion of helping. We want to recover the essence of the gift, the care and detail in choosing it, and the certainty of knowing that you have been thought of.

Don´t forget to look at your loved ones without haste.

A hug,


¡Hello Bergamota!

I´m here to make it easy for you.

Yes, you who run around all day long. You dream of your couch and of watching an episode of your show without falling asleep. You who, when you are invited to a birthday/dinner/celebration, you don´t know whether to rejoice or cry because of all it entails and the time you don´t have to plan ahead.

We want to give you the gift of time to spend with your loved ones. It is the most valuable thing we have and Teresa Bergamota wants to give you that gift without losing the essence of beauty and the value of things well done. Each box is full of wonderful stories. They are not tangible, they are dreams. Dreams of each artisan and entrepreneur who decided to live with illusion.

Recover your enthusiasm for details, for giving thanks, for celebrating. Thank those people who accompany us on this wonderful journey and also those who cross our path and often help us to return to it.

Life is today, now.

Create beautiful situations to have beautiful days.

Laugh. Dream. Get your hopes up.



Your refuge, your home.

We only need to light a candle to know that something beautiful is going to happen. There is something magical about it. Around a lit candle always come tight hugs, laughter, traditions, relaxation. That thingt they call enjoyment. Because I´ll tell you a secret. Life is today, now.

Cottage has a fresh, sparkling, citrusy top note that is infused with Bergamot and transports you to a quiet spot in the Mediterranean. To those endless red sunsets. Its chords of sandalwood and musk background envelop you in an atmosphere of tranquility with an elegant and sweet touch. Its nuances of cardamom and lime add vitality.

A seductive, elegant and delicate scent that evokes your refuge, your home.

Beautiful things that will happen when you light this candle

  • Bergamot helps to reduce stress. It is also refreshing and revitalising.
  • Sandalwood calms the nervous system, has a balacing effect on the mind. It prepares you for the practice of meditation.
  • If you create beautiful situations you will have beautiful days (Word of Bergamota).

“I carry your light and your scent wherever I go and piled in your sand I keep love, games and sorrows”

Mediterráneo, Serrat.