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We select our products with great care. We look at the story behind each one and offer only what we know is a product 10, from creators 100.

We sell what we would recommend to family and friends. It´s part of our commtment to you. To offer a selection of products only with everything we consider exceptional. It´s the only way we can be proud of it.

Quality, a job well done, the effor to improve and the desire and enthusiasm to offer the best of ourselves, is what we are looking for to be part of our family.

⇒ All our products are Made in Spain. From entrepreneurs, artisans or small businesses that provide us with what we need to create our gift boxes. We are committed to promoting local and national trade. We know that this is the best way of doing things and it is part of our company philosophy.




LICO is a project of a chemical engineer, Estefanía Ferrer, with years of experience in formulation and chemical operations. Estefanía and her team explain it like this;
“Being great consumers of cosmetics, we could not find our ideal product, one that was highly effective and sustainable at the same time, so we ventured to develop it ourselves. For two years we researched, formulated, tried and tested until we reached our goal, cosmetic forumlations that combine engineering and nature, high efficacy and sustainability”.
Our products are designed to achieve great results for all skin types from day one. We achieved this by applying innovative containment technologies to powerful active cosmetics. By carefully selecting sources of natural vitamins, we have designed the comsetics treatments you´ve been waiting for, contributing to take care of the planet the way it has to be done.
And most importantly, we have travelled the planet fo you. In search of the unique raw materials needed in the process. From hidden corners of the world we have brought oils, extracts, scentes and essences yet unknown, which added to our treatments invite you to a sensory journey while you take care of you skin.



“Many years dedicating myself to the financial field made me think again and realise that what really matters is to live the life you want to live, to do what you have always wanted to do, because when you do it this way you do it with passion, the best version of you comes out, and in the end, my passion is photography”.

She has perfectly captured the essence of Teresa Bermagota. An exceptional professional but undoubtedly a great person, close, dedicated and full of joy.



They tell it to us just like this:

“We don´t know yet if the coffee found us or if it was the other way around, but our story smells of coffee; not just as any coffee, but as specialty coffee”.

We are Paloma and Marco, a Spanish woman and an Italian man who, after several years linving in London, decided to stop, take a minute and look at things with a new perspective, focusing on our own path. We travelled to new countries and, on our journey, we met incredible people who passed on their love for the exciting world of coffee. This ended up giving birth to Puchero, which since 2015 has grown to become a benchmark in specialty coffee and one of the best roasteries in the country.

But it could not end there. And so on, three years later, chocolate came into our lives. Inspired by the infinite nuances of cocoa from different parts of the world, at Puchero we rast the seeds (collected and dried at source by small producers), to make artisan chocolate bars.
We are roasters, and as roasters, we know everything about our beans: the farm, the climate, the farmer and the process. That´s why at Puchero we have a commitment: to amplify the unique characteristics of each origin and all they are capable of expressing. Our beans and seeds are very special. We select and bring them from the most remote places on the planet. Each variety and harvest is unique, and for that reason, they must be roasted and treated in a unique, specific and independent way.
And we do it by hand in here, surrounded by pine trees in Hornillos de Eresma (Valladolid) with the commitment to preserve and enhance all the effort that farmers have deposited in each and every one of the coffee beans and cocoa seeds. Here, at Puchero, you will find true coffee and chocolate lovers, always in search of new notes from our tasting table, controlling all the details and packaging our products, manually, in our roasting room.

You can tell we like what we do, cant´t you?



Oficio Studio is the creation of Melina and David.
Their story began when Melina came across David´s bike restoration shop and went in to ask if they could fix the chain guard on his Ducth bike, but David was more attracted to Melina and the leather bag she was carrying than the broken chain guard.
– “Nice bag”, he said.
– “Thanks, l made it myself…”, she said. But that wasn´t entirely true, Melina was just beginning to learn the leather trade, and, unbeknownst to her, David had once owned a bag factory.
-“The leather is very good”, David said.
Melina knew it was. She moved to Spain from Mexico for that very reason: to seek out her primary material, the artisanal vegetable tanned leather so renowned worldwide. She was fascinated by classic leather bags and began to learn this old world craft and the meticulous attention to detail by decostructing her own bags to create her first patterns. Little did she know that this chance meeting with David would lead to the realisation of her first design, the Anita Doctor´s Bag.
They have been inseparable ever since, and together they created this workshop to revive old traditions. This allows them to live and work together doing what they love most, bringing together in harmony all their talents which are reflected in their ability to mix stories, personalities, concepts, bicycles and leather bags in a unique and wonderful space.



Paula is an art historian and illustrator and has been working on graphic design and illustration projects for over 20 years. Her work as a graphic designer ranges from brand development and corporate identity to pachaging design.

As an illustrator, she has specialised in chidren´s literature, publishing with publishers such as Anaya, Edelvives and Libre Albedrío. She delves into the study of children´s literature through the design and curatorship of specialised exhibitions.

In 2011 she created Con Trompa y Cartón, her own space in which to develop her passion fo the world of paper and illustration with absolute independence. The brand produces products made in Spain without haste. From this project, which began as illustrated stationery, other illustrated products have been born, such as Pint, a collection of wallpaper, or exclusive collections for museum shops.



Mónica Vercelli helps entrepreneurs land their idea and launch it to the market through her mentoring, branding and web design services.

After 8 years working for FMCG brands such as Coca-Cola, she helps entrepreneurs bring their magic to their brand in order to differentiate, empower and take pride of their business.




IUKA is a brand of handmade ceramics designed by the brand itself and made in Spain by the best potters. We travel all over the country looking for and visiting different artisans who can make our collections, always respecting and adapting to the style of each of them.

At IUKA we are committed to the recovery and enhancement of craftsmanship as opposed to the mass production of most of today´s brands. In the same way, we firmly believe in the return to ceramics as a tool to reduce the use of plastics and, as a consequence, its environmental impact.



This is how Monica, founder of Inuit, tells it: “When you like a challenge, you can end up doing anything, but certainly in a different way from the one others do it. In our case, the anything has had a square shape and has materialised into soap”.

Because of our profession, we know closely the world of industrial cosmetics and because of personal interest, we have come to natural cosmetics and soap as its most basic expression. It has been months of testing ingredients, materials and techniques… Always going one step further, until we were convinced that there was no better way to do something.

But using certified organic ingredients or not testing on animals is not what defines us. We believe this is a minimum, the starting point from which to start working and something we would love everyone to do.

Creating an honest project, using only active ingredients, combining them in an creative way, formulating with the best for each skin type in mind and not to monetise components, making organic look so attractive that you want to put it at your place… these are the things that speak about us.



We are a brand of accessories with an outstanding naive and Nordic style.

To create our products we use 100% natual materials, sustainable and made in Spain.
We believe in simplicity, sensitivity and products that last through time.



Finding organic products with high percentages of natural ingredients is not easy. Therefore, in july 2018, we created our first own brand of body and hair care: Khoi, African Inspiration.

Its ingredients come from South Africa and, in the case of oils, they are cold-pressed. They are mainly virgin oils, fruit extracts and exotic plant varieties combined with other more advanced ingredients, such as biotin or vitamins A, B3, B5 y K.



Banbu emerges in 2019, as an engine of change, of revolution in the face of our concern about the widespread and indiscriminate use of toxic chemichals and the overexploitation of resources. Banbu seeks natural, ecological and sustainable alternatives because we do not understand a way of life that is not like this.

The aim for us is to produce natural, resistant products with a low environmental impact, but without sacreificing design, innovation and quality. Products that are not only sustainable, but also achieve incredible results.



Ana Salas. Sevilian. She creates objects that serve to give beauty, using porcelain as the main material.
She works with pieces that are fired at a high temperature, 1280 degrees, giving them resistance and always working at the limit of breaking. Her collections are a sample of her sensitive vision of the world, “they are part of me, each one carries a name and a story”. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable.
She also designs jewellry with pieces of Limoges porcelain that she models, fires, paints and enamels one by one.



Why we started.
Have you ever wondered why there are so few natural perfumes on the market? Or, have you ever thought if you would buy a perfume before smelling it? We (Jaime y Tamara) are one of the first things we asked ourselves when we decided to start a business.
Ovéh, which means number 5 (the lucky number for enrepreneurs, travellers and restless people like us), was born with the aim of creating perfumes that people fall in love with and that are as natural and sustainable as possible.
We are inspired by places aorund the world to create our scents. This is the best way for each perfumeto have its own sould and inspire you too.
Best fragrances-fair pries.
from the very beginning, having excellent ingredients at a fair price (without high margins) has been a priortiy for us. It´s our brand philosophy and it´s how we´ve developed our fragrances.
Having lower margins has limited us a lot when it comes to investing in advertising, which in such competitive industry is highly recommened. However, we believe in what we do and we know that little by little we will be able to position ourselves thatnks to conscious minds like yours.



The light and natural power of their home, the Canary Islands. Harmony and elegance are transmitted in every gestures. Ingenious and simple lines, almost sculptural. These are Helena Rohner´s masterpieces. Her candles transport us to the Mediterranean.
Sensuality withour importunity. A timeless spirit that manifests itself in an explosion of colours and infinite materials. Of course, silver and gold, but also porcelain, stone, textiles and wood. In addition to her jewellry, allways subtle and useful, Helena has transformed her creativity into ceramics, lamps or carpets by designing collections for Georg Jensen, Kahler, Bodum and Munio, or collaborating with Dac carpets. In 2015, her talent was honoured with the prestigious Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts.



Bontibú is an infant care line, made from top quality natural ingredients, for the care of your children from birth. Made in Spain with gentle formulas adpated to the fragile skin of babies and children from birth onwards. Bontibú has a range of products that not only guarantees perfect care for your baby, but will also ensure unforgettable moments with the youngest members of the family.



They tell it like this:
“We wanted to do it differently, we wanted to go back to the roots, to the origin, to go back to the first thing, to the natural”.
Adriana Pérez-Sala and Olga Puig-La Calle
(Founders of Labeau)
We are what you see. We flee from banality and glamour, stripping ourselves of the superficial and accepting the beauty of our imperfections. Because to feel good is to return to the essential.

We believe that freedom is the result of access to information and truth. We want you to stop being a  prisoner of brands, to have information and to be autonomous in making you puchasing decisions.

We belive that there are no immediate answers in beauty and there are no overnight processes. But the first step is to respect ourselves, each other and the nature that surrounds us. It is to start today in order to be better tomorrow.



Camaleon Cosmetics is part of the Armonía Group, based in Zaragoza and created in Ibiza in 1980, a second generation family business that since its beginnings has led the natual cosmetics market in Spain. We manufacture products with natural active ingredients avoiding the use of parabens, silicons and petrochemical derivatives.
Research and innovation that result in safe and quality products at the best prices. In the laboratories of Zaragoza and Barcelona our products are born with the aim of being a healthy cosmetics and helping your skin. Developed with innovative and exclusive formulas based on the principles of natural cosmetics. With GMP, ECOCERT and ISO certificates that guarantee the control, management and quality of the final products. You can find us in more than 18.000 points of sale, including pharmacies, parapharmacies and herbalists. They will be able to advise you on the most suitable treatment for you skin.
To deliver our products to your skin with the utmost care, we have the best team. We are a young and dynamic team of 26 people working in the different departments of development, sales, marketing and desing, logistics, administration and technical and legal areas. The human team is the main driving force of the compay, where we take care of the working environment, personal and working conditions. We guarantee safety at work and promote family reconciliation.

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